Introducing Dr. Greger

MediaMondayIf you don’t know Dr. Greger yet, he is a physician who is devoted to nutritional science, reading every English language nutrition journal every year. He runs, which provides free daily short videos and articles distilling all those research studies into understandable language for you and me, showing us what science currently has discovered about eating for vibrant health. He has also written How Not to Diecovering the top 15 causes of death and what you can do to prevent, and reverse them. He’s not claiming you’ll never die, but how not to die of the chronic diseases that claim the lives of over 70% of Americans every year and are 90%+ preventable by diet. Not leaving you hanging with just the what and why without any how, Part 2 covers a Daily Dozen foods you can eat daily, and how they improve your health.  Here’s a great introduction to him.  Enjoy!

Comment below: Have you heard of Dr. Greger before? What did you like best about the video?

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